The Brush Country Groundwater Conservation District ("District") was created by the 81st Texas Legislature, Regular Session, in 2009 with the enactment of Senate Bill 2456. The creation of the District was confirmed by the citizens located within the District’s boundaries in Jim Hogg, Jim Wells, Brooks, and Hidalgo Counties at an election held on November 3, 2009. The District’s mission is to preserve and protect the groundwater resources within its boundaries. The District recognizes that groundwater conservation districts are the state’s preferred method of groundwater management and will work with local stakeholders towards achieving its objectives. The District will accomplish its objectives by working to lessen interference between water wells, minimize drawdown of groundwater levels, prevent the waste of groundwater, and reduce the degradation of groundwater quality within the District while helping the local economies maintain and improve their current condition. The District will also use the authority granted in its Enabling Act and applicable state laws to protect and maintain the groundwater resources of the District.